Surfshark Triumphs At Awards 2019 Ceremony In Las Vegas.

With the CES 2019 coming to an end, at an Award Ceremony in Las Vegas, specialized VPN review website announced winners of the annual Awards 2019. For its fast development and market stirring innovation, privacy service provider Surfshark received an award as the Best VPN 2019 in the Newcomer category.

“Such acknowledgment from the top-graded privacy service reviewers is a significant milestone for us. It embodies all the hard work we have put in making Surfshark a top-level VPN provider in less than a year”, says Magnus Steinberg, Chief Technology Officer at Surfshark. “In the upcoming weeks, we are planning to make Surfshark even more user-friendly by localizing all our apps into five different languages, as well as face-lifting their design. Also, this year we are getting ready to present some real game-changing features.”

Only 10 VPN services out of several hundred available ones were selected for each of 9 categories at Awards 2019. Surfshark was nominated in 3 categories, including nods for Best Overall, Best Privacy and Best Value VPN.

For the last several months team of cybersecurity professionals hired by carried out a scrupulous auditing process of all the nominated VPN services and announced the winners who were selected only by unanimous decision at the awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Last year Surfshark published a report of an independent security audit becoming only one of the few VPN providers in history to have their products investigated by independent security professionals. The audit of Surfshark Chrome and Firefox extensions was carried out by the acknowledged German cybersecurity company Cure53.


About Surfshark

Surfshark is a privacy protection suite based on virtual private network architecture. The core premise of Surfshark is to make online privacy protection seamless for everyone by implementing advanced encryption and network optimization technologies. Currently, Surfshark is the only VPN service which allows unlimited simultaneous connections. A company developing Surfshark privacy protection software – Surfshark Ltd. – is registered in the British Virgin Islands as a part of strict no-logs policy.

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