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Step up your security in 2019

Improving the security of your home has become easier than ever with the help of wireless indoor cameras.

Best for security

Somfy One

HD camera, siren, motion detector, and privacy protection — everything you need to secure your home.

Improving the comfort and security of your home has become easier than ever, with the help of wireless indoor cameras. 

These versatile little gadgets can help you keep tabs on who is entering and leaving your property, monitor your kids or pets, and speak to them from wherever you are in the world. You can also keep an eye out for would-be thieves or vandals.

As technology has progressed, the functionality of these devices has improved, but the prices have dipped. You can quite comfortably kit out your entire home with cameras for the same price you would have spent on a single device just two years ago.

The large volume of products available means that choosing the right camera for your home isn’t that easy. You have to wade through complicated jargon, advertising slogans, and loads of overwhelming data. It can be difficult to sort the good from the bad.

We like to help, so we’ve done some homework and picked out the best indoor cameras in the UK. So, if you’re looking to step up your home security game, read on and see which model ticks all your boxes.

These are the best wireless indoor cameras in the UK.

Easy to set up • Reliable motion detection • HD video • Free Cloud storage

No option for range extending

You won’t find any blocky or distorted images with the Arlo Q.

The Arlo Q from Netgear may be small in stature, but it’s packed with features to help you keep an eye on your home and the people (and pets) in it. 
This device is as easy as you like to set up, can be used free-standing or mounted, and Netgear provides a full mounting kit in the box.
Image quality is excellent with the Arlo Q. You won’t find the same blocky and distorted images that some cameras provide, and performance doesn’t suffer in low-light. Motion detection is reliable and the camera is also able to capture high quality HD video with its wide angle lens.
Managing the camera is properly easy, especially with the help of Netgear’s app. The company also provides free Cloud storage, so you can access your images and videos from anywhere without any problems.

HD footage • Two-way radio • Facial recognition • Motion-tracking

Cloud management requires a subscription

One of the best devices around, thanks to quality images, HD video, and a whole lot more.

2. Nest IQ

Communicate with anyone in your home with the help of the two-way radio.

The Nest Cam IQ is another small but perfectly put together piece of kit. The camera is well-made, and it looks stylish too with clean lines and an inoffensive footprint.
On the picture front you can rely on the camera to provide excellent quality images and HD video footage, and if you need to communicate with anyone in your home you can do that too, with the help of the device’s clever two-way radio.
Cloud management is subscription-based with this camera, so if you are hoping to avoid a monthly cost, perhaps consider looking elsewhere. Facial recognition, superb motion-tracking and more are all on offer with this little gadget, and we think it’s one of the best around.

Stylish and small • Motion detection is reliable • Cheap • Push-to-talk function

Clear images and solid night vision footage, for a low price.

3. TP-LINK KC100

A cheaper option that is more limited than some, but covers all the basics.

If you’re looking for value for money then the KC100 from TP Link is definitely worth considering. The small and neat looking camera is kind of basic but what it promises to do, it does well. 
You can expect good, clear images from this device, including solid night vision footage. Motion detection with alerts works reliably too, and the included push-to-talk functionality means you can talk your dog when its misbehaving at home.
The camera itself is stylishly designed and small, and while it may not be as robust as some of the others on this list, its cheap price helps to soothe any concerns.

Well-designed app • Motion and noise detection • Free Cloud storage • Cheap

The joint cheapest device on this list, with a bunch of impressive features to boot.

4. Neos SmartCam

Videos are stored for 14 days for free and secured in the cloud via end-to-end encryption.

Another affordable member of this list is the SmartCam from Neos, that comes in even cheaper than the TP Link KC100.
For a small outlay, you get a compact camera that’s easy to set up, and provides solid image quality that doesn’t diminish in low light. The device also offers motion and noise detection (with alerts), 14-day cloud storage for free, and two-way communications.
Another positive is the well-designed app, that makes managing your camera really easy.

Works well with Alexa • Built-in siren • Excellent image quality • Two-way communications

Offers strong image quality, accurate motion detection, and a siren for great levels of security.

5. Somfy One

HD camera, siren, motion detector, and privacy protection — everything you need to secure your home.

The Somfy One is a feature-packed device that is less a camera and more an all-in-one internal security system.
The device offers excellent image quality, accurate motion detection, smoke alarm detection, and a in-built siren to deter any would-be thieves. It’s also equipped with speakers and a microphone for two-way communications.
The Somfy One is small but a bit chunky. It’s weighty at 260 grams but doesn’t look out of place on a bookshelf or table, thanks to a nondescript design. 
The device also works well with Alexa and comes with its own app for administration which is quick and easy to use. This makes managing your device as trouble-free as possible.

App is effective • Night vision • Wide-angle lens

Internet connection can be spotty

A well-rounded camera that offers excellent visibility, even in complete darkness.

6. YI Home

YI Home camera ensures visibility even in complete darkness.

The YI Home Camera from YI Technology operates under the watchful eye of its parent organisation, Xiaomi.
It’s a small and light camera which is very capable, capturing high quality images and video with the help of its wide-angle lens. It can be set to record constantly or be triggered by motion detection, and its two-way speaker and microphone combo make it a great choice for the pet-sitting crowd. The YI 720p IP camera also ensures visibility even in complete darkness.  
The app makes for easy management of the Home Camera, and with a micro SD card slot you can capture images and video locally, as well as stream it directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Smart features • Free Cloud storage • Good value • Good audio

Does not reboot after losing connection

A range of impressive smart features for a low price.

7. Wyze Cam Pan

Excellent range of smart features, including IFTTT integration, Alexa support, facial recognition, and more.

The Cam Pan may look like an old bottle of milk, but it’s a really useful little device for helping you improve your home security on a budget. 
For less than £100, you get a camera that will capture high quality images, provide very good quality audio, and offer up a raft of smart features, like IFTTT integration, Alexa support, facial recognition, and smoke alarm alerts.
The app makes controlling this device easy, with plenty of useful additions such as manual mechanical pan and tilt. You also get free Cloud storage, as well as a micro SD slot for local storage.

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