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Startup tackling video piracy wins Seedstars contest, gets ticket to Switzerland

VdoCipher is the winner from India at the Seedstars contest in Delhi. Photo credit: Seedstars World.

A hacker shared 10 upcoming episodes from season 5 of Orange is the New Black on Pirate Bay, after failing to extort money from Netflix. Facebook has tweaked its rights manager to help video content owners automatically block pirated content and even get the ad revenue from it. And in India, climactic scenes of new blockbuster movie Baahubali 2 got leaked, highlighting the problem of piracy, even as online video grows in popularity.

Gurgaon-based video hosting and streaming startup VdoCipher tackles the problem of piracy with proprietary encryption and watermarking technology. It also claims to enable smooth streaming over a spotty internet connection for clients hosting their videos on VdoCipher. API (application programming interface) calls enable uploading, encryption, watermarking, tagging, searching, and checking bitrates of videos.

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This startup has been picked as the winner from India for Seedstars World, a global seed-stage startup competition. It will compete with winners from 65 other countries at the final contest in Switzerland for a US$1 million prize.

VdoCipher was founded three years ago by IIT Delhi graduates Vibhav Sinha and SIddhanth Jain. It began by helping elearning and media businesses earn revenue from their videos in a secure manner.

Seedstars World continues its tour of the world to find startups for its contest in Switzerland. It will be at Marina Bay Sands on May 25 to pick the winner from Singapore.

Filipino startup Acudeen won the last Seedstars World global competition. The startup, which fixes cash flow problems for small businesses, was also the winner of Tech in Asia Tokyo’s Arena pitch battle last year.

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