Sony Reportedly Plans to Acquire Warframe, Brink, Dirty Bomb Developers

It looks like Sony wants to further expand its PlayStation 5 offering with well-established franchises rather than working on new IPs. The Japanese company showcased a handful of upcoming PlayStation 5 games, but nothing truly revolutionary.

The most interesting title in development at Sony is Horizon Forbidden West, which will not be launched this year though. A standalone expansion in the Spider-Man universe featuring Miles Morales will probably be released along with the PlayStation 5 later this year, but these are the only major titles Sony revealed until now.

To justify the purchase of a PlayStation 5, Sony needs a lot more, and we’ll probably get more reveals throughout the year. However, rumor has it that the Japanese giant plans to buy a handful of well-known franchises by acquiring Hong Kong-listed gaming firm Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd.

Leyou owns a couple of gaming studios that are responsible for games like Warframe, Brink, and Dirty Bomb. Apparen… (read more)

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