Sonos Cofounder Hits Back at Spotify CEO Daniel Ek For Complaining About Apple

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek reiterated previous gripes he’s had with Apple during an interview this week, saying its platform is still not open enough to third-party apps like the Sweden-based music streamer. But according to the cofounder of high-end speaker and home audio company Sonos, Spotify operates an even-more closed ecosystem than Apple. From a report: In a tweet posted Wednesday, Sonos cofounder John MacFarlane said it was “solid irony” that Ek was criticizing Apple’s platform. “Having worked closely with both Apple and Spotify, I would say it’s more significantly more difficult to work within Spotify’s ‘closed’ ecosystem than Apple’s,” he wrote. “Respect and appreciate both companies, but ‘open’ Spotify is not.” Sonos products for the most part rely on third-party services like Spotify and Apple Music to stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks through the Sonos app. Industry analysts and commentators have suggested in recent years that Apple buy Sonos to boost its struggling HomePod smart speaker business.

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