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Snapchat is coming to the Google Pixelbook. Wait, what?

During its event to announce a new set of hardware products, Google snuck in a little surprise.

In the announcement for the Pixelbook, a new high-end Chromebook, Google said it was working with Snap to bring a version of Snapchat to the device. It didn’t specify a date.

It’s a curious statement, since Android apps (including Snapchat) have been able to run on many Chromebooks since last year (although sometimes with difficulty).

Still, it’s hard to know why you’d want to run Snapchat on a Chromebook. The app is entirely designed for mobile — there is virtually no desktop experience at all — and it only supports one device login at a time. The same thing that prevents you from logging into Snapchat on two phones would seemingly prevent you from logging in on a Pixelbook and your smartphone, at least at the same time.

Could this mean Snapchat will soon support multiple device sign-in? And if a Pixelbook version of Snapchat is in the works, does that mean it’ll run on all Chromebooks? Are other desktop experiences for Snapchat on the way?

We’ve reached out to Google and Snap to answer these very important questions. Because we can’t wait to ask Google Assistant to slap a Snapchat dog-ear lens on our faces so we can share the photo via Google Drive, which is presumably the primary use case.

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