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Snap earned $8M on Spectacles “and other revenue” in Q1, $4.5M in Q4

Snapchat won’t say exactly how many Spectacles its sold, but it did admit today that the “Other revenue” category that predominantly includes Spectacles brought in around $4.5 million in revenue in Q4 2016, and over $8 million in revenue in Q1 2017.

Ignoring other possible revenue drivers in this category, at the $130 price point this revenue means Snap would have sold around 34,600 pair of Spectacles in Q4 and 61,500 pairs in Q1. However, the sales count could be lower if there were significant other revenue sources included in this bucket.

With Snap losing $2.2 billion in the Q1 2017, that $8 million isn’t going to get it much closer to profitability.

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