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Skating is religion at this vintage rollerway’s LGBTQ night

Clarifying that she didn’t think there was anything wrong with “ebbing and flowing through life,” Coto still tends to find herself at one of the various roller rinks around LA rather than getting drunk with friends.

A classically trained dancer, Coto describes skating as “dance, plus a bunch of fuckery on your feet.” She calls her introduction to the art as “very gay in every sense of the word.”

“It was a Valentine’s Day date with my girlfriend at the time, and [another] friend of mine had been like ‘You’d be really good at skating,” she says, retelling her first attempt at skating about two years ago. Although she fell often, Coto says she not only owed it to her friend who had the “weird premonition” to try again, but “to this new romance” to learn to skate because they were learning together.

She is perched on a chair, with her arms wrapped around her leg and her chin resting on her knee as we chat over FaceTime. When she talks about falling in love with skating, she gets slightly flustered as if discussing the first few weeks of a new crush.

“There was this person I was falling in love with, but also when I went to first skate with them … it was an oldies night,” Coto says, explaining that she saw couples who had been skating together for more than 30 years. “It’s so cinematic to look at, and I fell in love with all the skaters there. I no longer go out with that person, but I have skating, and I feel like that was such a gift.”

Coto skates as if she has never met a sharp edge in her entire existence. Every movement is fluid, from being spun by a partner to weaving one skate behind the other while gyrating backwards. The skating community is her “sexy church” because while it’s technically a wholesome, family-friendly sport, dancing on skates is inherently sensual.

“It is naughty! There’s been a fair share of … you know,” she laughs.

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