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Sheep being herded across London Bridge is pretty much as British as it gets

Just an average day in London.

Image: Matthew Chattle/REX/Shutterstock

The hustle and bustle of the modern city can get to a person. City-dwellers often yearn for an escape to the countryside, the rolling hills, the birdsong…

Well, yesterday the countryside came to them.

This Sunday a fair few Londoners were greeted with an unusual sight.

Okay, so having a bus lane in the foreground isn’t exactly pastoral, but you get the idea.

Even more surprising was the fact that the sheep were being herded across by none other than Mary Berry, former Great British Bake Off presenter and all-round national treasure.

That's some steely determination right there.

That’s some steely determination right there.

Sheepin' sure ain't easy.

Sheepin’ sure ain’t easy.

But why did Mary Berry take over the role of shepherdess for the day? 

Luckily Twitter was there to explain:

Yep, this year the Worshipful Company of Woolmen led the drive in an effort to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charity, tapping into the centuries-old tradition. Worshipful indeed.

And in case any Channel 4 execs are reading this, Great British Baa Off? Just a suggestion… f42c eacc%2fthumb%2f00001

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