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Seven in ten CISOs fear cyberwarfare threats

A global report by Bitdefender recently found that seven out of ten CISOs (71%) fear that cyberwarfare is an impending threat to their organisation, while more than a fifth (22%) of these CISOs confess to not having a plan in place to defend against such risks. These findings are incredibly alarming, especially after the recent global disruptions. Half of the infosecurity professionals involved in the study agreed that an increase in cyberwarfare will have a detrimental impact on the economy in the upcoming 12 months.

However, infosecurity professionals and CISOs are looking to increasing their defences. The report showed that 48% of infosecurity professionals and 51% of CISOs stated that they believe they will need a strategy to combat against cyberwarfare in the next 12-18 months.

The study by Bitdefender surveyed 6,724 inforsecurity professionals across a varied range of businesses and industries in order to understand the gap between how infosecurity professionals and security decision-makers view the current and future cybersecurity landscape. The report also aimed to retrospectively review the last decade in order to see what lessons have been learnt by industry professionals, and how these lessons can be used to help make changes to the industry in the future.

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