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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson gets billionaire backing for his new app connecting celebrities and superfans

Russell Wilson, the superstar quarterback helming the Seattle Seahawks, has a pretty enviable life.

His wife is the musician Ciara. He’s hung out with the Obamas at the White House. And he’s won a Super Bowl (he’s also, apparently, a huge fan of Chinese food after a trip there last year).

All pretty great stuff.

Well, Wilson wants to give superfans a curated look behind the glitz and the glamor, to the somewhat less glitzy and glamorous view behind the scenes of the celebrity machine with his new app, TraceMe.

Basically giving Wilson’s stalkers biggest fans a controlled look at his life “as it’s lived” (although still in front of a camera), TraceMe available in beta today on iOS,

Wilson ultimately envisions it as a platform where celebrities of all stripes, from athletes to musicians, actors to models, and instagram influencers, can all offer a more intimate picture of themselves — on platforms that they control.

“I’ve dreamed about launching TraceMe for a long time and I am excited to finally see it come to fruition,” said Wilson, TraceMe’s Founder and Executive Chairman, in a statement. “I have worked super hard with the world class team at TraceMe to make this become a reality for our fans.”

Wilson worked with the local Seattle venture studio, Pioneer Square, founded by entrepreneur Greg Gottesman, and seasoned Hulu executive Jason LeeKeenan (who serves as the company’s chief executive).

The idea is for fans to get an inside look at Russell’s training regimen, his mental coaching, his off-the-field life, and a smattering of produced pieces that Willson’s building out around interviews with some of his own personal heroes.

“Now that it’s football season, my number one priority is leading the Seahawks to another Super Bowl victory,” he added. “TraceMe is going to help me on that journey by providing me with a direct line to my most passionate supporters who drive my motivation throughout this amazing season.”

The vision that Wilson’s laid out has attracted some top-tier investors from the Seattle area, including its best known billionaire, Jeff Bezos, through his Bezos Expeditions fund. Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai, and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley are also investors in the new venture.

In all, Wilson managed to round up $9 million in initial funding from the app.

“We think there’s a gap for the most passionate fans out there,” said LeeKeenan, in a statement. “Our vision for TraceMe is to define a new category for superfan engagement. When the floodlights are shut off at a big game or a sell-out show, the smartphone offers the best place for a superfan to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite artists, athletes, and entertainers. We want to give them the VIP experience they’ve always dreamed of.”

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Joining the billionaires (and leading the round) is the Seattle-based venture firm Madrona Venture Group. Mike Mahan (the president of Dick Clark Productions) and Kenny Dichter, who founded Wheels Up, round out the investment team.

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