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Save more than $1,000 on a lifetime subscription to Slidebean Premium — PowerPoint who?

Group projects (at work or at school) don’t have to be terrible.

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Have a million dollar idea and want to pitch it to investors? Make a presentation. Need to make a case as to why Chris Hemsworth is the best Famous Chris? Make a presentation. Want to list all the reasons why The Office is a better show than Parks and Recreation? Make a presentation. 

But if PowerPoint makes you want to gouge out your eyeballs, might we suggest trying Slidebean instead.

Powerpoint makes you input text, shapes, images, and other design elements manually. Slidebean saves you time by taking the hassle out of creating a presentation. With just one click, it assembles an awesome presentation for you — all you need to do is key in the content you want to showcase.

Slidebean also lets you customize the finished design however, whenever, and with whoever you want. You can tweak it to your heart’s content, and choose from a range of design templates, color palettes, and a vast collection of fonts. It also allows you to export the finished product through a variety of options, from embedding to a website via HTML to exporting to PDF or PPT formats.

A lifetime premium subscription to Slidebean typically costs $1140, but for a limited time, Mashable readers can enjoy a whopping 96% off and get it at only $34.99.

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