Samsung Wants to Buy Periscope Camera Manufacturer

As the leading company in the smartphone market, Samsung is hard at work to create new technologies that would give its devices the lead in the fight against rival products from Apple, Huawei, Google, and others.

And one way to do this is taking over companies that invented innovative technologies, as it’s the case of an Israeli firm called Corephotonics.

While this name might not say much at first glance, this is the company that invented the periscope smartphone camera and which helped Oppo make the headlines with a revolutionary device in this regard.

Presented at MWC in 2017, Oppo’s camera implementation offered support for 5x lossless zoom, and the capabilities were supposed to be improved with a 2019 upgrade to no less than 10x zoom.

It looks like all these efforts caught Samsung’s attention, so the South Korean is now trying to purchase the Israeli company for a maximum of $160 million, according to <a href="… (read more)

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