Samsung Quietly Launches a New Galaxy S9 Gradient Color

While all the eyes are now on the Galaxy S10 expected to go live in just a few months, Samsung keeps refreshing the Galaxy S9 with more exterior treatments, and this time it looks like what we’re getting is a second gradient version.

If you’ve been following the mobile news closely, you probably noticed that gradient colors are the new big thing on smartphones, and more and more manufacturers bring such looks to their devices.

Samsung hasn’t been the pioneer of this push, but the company did embrace the idea, so earlier this year, it launched the so-called Ice Blue gradient color for the Galaxy S9. Ice Blue was specifically aimed at the Chinese market, with no plans to bring it elsewhere.

Enter Samsung Galaxy S9 Polaris Blue

And now it appears that Samsung isn’t done with gradient versions of the S9, as the company h… (read more)

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