Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Review

Samsung was, is, and will probably remain the world’s number one smartphone company, and if you’re wondering why, just check out the photo gallery in this review and you’ll certainly get it.

The South Korean company has long been an innovator, no matter what others say, with Samsung often the first big name to invest in new tech that eventually became mainstream.

Back in the days when we imagined 2020, this was the year when flying cars were supposed to be more common, with robots in every household to do all the work for us, while people had nothing else to do than just sit on their sofas and watch Netflix all day long.

We’re not quite there yet, and if it’s not already clear, 2020 certainly had different plans for us. But in terms of the tech revolution, the giants out there are certainly looking into it. And Samsung is one of the companies ready to change the way we use a smartphone.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is the company’s new foldable smartphone for the 2020 line… (read more)

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