Rust’s Moderation Team Resigns to Protest ‘Unaccountable’ Core Team

On Monday morning the moderation team for the Rust programming language “resigned effective immediately,” reports The New Stack:

The resignation was tendered via a pull request on GitHub, wherein team member Andrew Gallant wrote that the team resigned “in protest of the Core Team placing themselves unaccountable to anyone but themselves.”

According to the page describing Rust governance, the moderation team’s purpose is to do just that — to help “uphold the code of conduct and community standards” — and according to the resignation letter, they are unable to do so, with the Core Team seemingly being outside of those bounds. “As a result of such structural unaccountability, we have been unable to enforce the Rust Code of Conduct to the standards the community expects of us and to the standards we hold ourselves to,” Gallant continues, before making four specific recommendations to the Rust community as to how to move forward.

First, Gallant writes that the Rust community should “come to a consensus on a process for oversight over the Core Team,” which he says is currently “answerable only to themselves.” Next, the outgoing team recommends that the “replacement for the Mod Team be made by Rust Team Members not on the Core Team,” and that this future team “with advice from Rust Team Members, proactively decide how best to handle and discover unhealthy conflict among Rust Team Members,” with “professional mediation” also suggested. The final point, which they say is unrelated, is that the next team should “take special care to keep the team of a healthy size and diversity, to the extent possible,” something they failed to do themselves. To that point, the outgoing team is just three members, Andre Bogus, Andrew Gallant, and Matthieu M…

The former team concludes their resignation letter, writing that “we have avoided airing specific grievances beyond unaccountability” because they are choosing “to maintain discretion and confidentiality” and that the Rust community and their replacements “exercise extreme skepticism of any statements by the Core Team (or members thereof) claiming to illuminate the situation.”
“Our relationship with Core has been deteriorating for months,” they add in a thread on Reddit (where the subReddit’s moderators have since locked out comments “in light of the volatile nature of this thread.”)

There’s just one more official update. Thursday former Rust moderation team member Andrew Gallant tweeted the URL to a new post which has now appeared on the “Inside Rust blog” — titled “In response to the moderation team resignation.” The post reads:
As top-level team leads, project directors to the Foundation, and core team members, we are actively collaborating to establish next steps after the statement from the Rust moderation team. While we are having ongoing conversations to share perspectives on the situation, we’d like to collectively state that we are all committed to the continuity and long term health of the project.

Updates on next steps will be shared with the project and wider community over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are grateful to the interim moderators who have stepped up to provide moderation continuity to the project.


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