Rumored Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Remaster Collection Delayed to 2021

Although Electronic Arts has yet to confirm that its studios are working on Mass Effect remasters, rumors are running around that the publisher has decided to delay the bundle until next year. The so-called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is said to bundle all three Mass Effect games in a remastered version.

According to previous reports, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition should have been revealed and released in October, but VentureBeat reports that developer BioWare and publisher EA are not content with some of the bundle’s contents.

Besides the inherent difficulties that arise from a worldwide pandemic, the development got stuck at the first title in the series. Being the oldest of the three, the original Mass Effect game requires extra attention from the developers, and at the moment, “it does not live up to the quality of the rest of the package,” <a href=""… (read more)

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