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Report suggests FaceID camera tech will be in next iPad Pro models

The tech which enables the iPhone X’s new FaceID feature may be coming to the 2018 iPad Pro line, a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests.

The note sent to investors and reported by MacRumors and 9to5mac suggests that the TrueDepth Camera system will be available on all of the “high-end” iOS devices by year’s end.

This is more of an inevitability than anything. There’s a lot less immediate external pressure to build an edge-to-edge display iPad so Apple may not have quite as stiff a challenge with the component tetris as it did in the iPhone X. Thus I wouldn’t expect a notch up top as opposed to just a more robust front-facing array on the device’s forehead, though Kuo did not offer any guidance in his report.

What will be interesting is that such a device could likely include FaceID and TouchID hardware, distinguishing it from the company’s iPhone X which only supports FaceID security. This is probably a positive for tablet users that use the device while it is sitting on a flat surface and utilizing FaceID unlock would likely require a user to lean over the device in order to unlock it.

Importantly, we haven’t seen all that Apple has to show off with the TrueDepth Camera. Certain use cases really only make sense with a mobile device, especially in regards to user-generated content, but security measures for unlock and Apple Pay could offer something new to the iPad Pro line.

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