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Red Sox may have used a Fitbit, not an Apple Watch, to snag Yankees signs

In a major upset for Apple’s smartwatch brand, it appears that it was a Fitbit, not an Apple Watch, that the Red Sox used as a medium for their sign-stealing in a recent ball game. The news comes from “a major league source” speaking to Boston Globe sports reporter Nick Cafardo. It’s unclear at this time whether the source himself or herself is major league or if they are MLB related.

While this may seem unimportant… well, let’s be honest. It is. But it’s the kind of unimportant that’s still worth noting. This is the kind of petty infamy that will be referenced for years, at least if smartwatches are around for that long.

If it’s good enough for the Red Sox to deploy against their natural enemy, it’s good enough for a lot of fans. It was probably a Blaze, but we’ve asked the MLB for details.

Fitbit shares rose 0.15 percent on the news.

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