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Ready for GDPR? DQM GRC’s online tool will assess your organisation’s compliance for free

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not optional, and with less than a year to go before the law is enforced, the time for action is now. To help organisations kickstart their journeys towards GDPR compliance DQM GRC, experts in data governance, has launched its GDPR Self-Assessment Tool. The personalised analysis gives organisations insight into their compliance levels compared to the incoming regulation, and practical advice on how to overcome their biggest challenges.

The tool is a straight-forward 12 question assessment, where organisations are led through a short series of multiple-choice questions which evaluate the firm’s current data compliance levels and compare it to the obligations in the new regulation.

A free, downloadable report is then generated, giving the organisation an overall GDPR readiness score out of 100. It breaks down each individual response to highlight the organisations personal strengths and weaknesses, and gives practical advice on the next steps the organisation should take to ensure compliance. The tool also pragmatically explains what the GDPR specifically states about each element of the assessment.

The process is completely free, quick, easy to do and organisations can undertake the assessment as often as they need – so as their compliance with the new regulation improves, so will their overall assessment score. It will help firms save on investing in areas that might not actually require improvement, and focus their attention on the sections which critically do.

Peter Galdies, Development Director at DQM GRC said; “With less than a year to go before the risk of losing 4% of global turnover becomes a reality, it’s time for organisations of all shapes and sizes to start a journey towards compliance. We believe this quick and easy to use tool will help firms swiftly gain a broad understanding of their levels of GDPR compliance, and identify critical areas where attention may be required. With this road map in place, rapid action can be executed to get firms onto a compliance level that is accepted by the ICO.”

You can find out more information and start your own personalised GDPR self-assessment on the DQM GRC website here.

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