Raspberry Pi Used To Hack Tesla Model X SUV Key Fob

Pig Hogger (Slashdot reader #10,379) writes:

According to this Tom’s Hardware story, a Belgian PhD student managed to wrest full control of a Tesla Model X SUV, by way of hijacking the Bluetooth keyfob and reprogramming it, using a Raspberry Pi.

Tesla has since issued a software update to protect against that kind of attack

Since the attack is done via Bluetooth, control could be gained wirelessly from 5 meters away.
According to the article this is the third time the same student “has managed to exploit the key fob and gain access to the car. Previously he was able to clone the fob…”

Computer Weekly also got an interesting quote from a senior security consultant at the electronic design automation company Synopsys, who argues that the research “demonstrates the impacts of security requirements and security features not having proper validation.”

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