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Pishevar sends letter to Uber board about Benchmark

Early Uber investor and former board member Shervin Pishevar is speaking out against Benchmark again. This time, he penned a letter to Uber’s board, demanding that Benchmark drop its lawsuit against former CEO Kalanick.

The letter says Pishevar has “tried in every way possible to convince my
friends at Benchmark to drop this lawsuit, to end their public campaign
against the founder and the company and to divest their shares under a
proposal which would reward them hugely for their investment.” But Benchmark has “refused to meet” with Pishevar.

Pishevar accuses Benchmark of violating fiduciary duty, by its willingness to “talk to others inappropriately.” He also accuses Benchmark’s Kris Frederickson of convincing Gautam Gupta, Uber’s head of finance, to go to another company where he owned shares.

Pishevar claims that Benchmark has also conferred with Lowercase Capital to attempt to remove Arianna Huffington from the board.

Recently, Pishevar circulated a petition attempting to pressure Benchmark to sell most of its shares and give up its board seat.



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