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WannaCry Hero Arrested, One of Two Charged with Distribution of Kronos Malware

Marcus Hutchins, aka MalwareTech the WannaCry hero, was arrested and charged with another unnamed individual with creating and distributing the Kronos banking malware.

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WannaCry Bitcoin Withdrawn; ‘Killswitch’ Researcher Detained in Nevada

The WannaCry story has new life with the attacks having withdrawn the Bitcoin collected as ransom during the attacks, and with the detainment of killswitch researcher Marcus Hutchins in Nevada.

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Two Popular IP Cameras Riddled With Vulnerabilities

Two IP cameras sold by Loftek and VStartcam are leaving over 1.3 million users open to 21 vulnerabilities that range from a lack of HTTPS encryption to bugs that open users up to cross-site request forgery attacks.

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