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Oh no, Mark Zuckerberg left his notebook unattended during his senate hearing

Mark Zuckerberg appears to have (accidentally) embraced data transparency, thanks to an open notebook and a scrum of photojournalists.

The Facebook CEO testified before the senate on Tuesday regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal that compromised the data of 87 million users. 

At about the 2-hour mark, Zuckerberg agreed to a 5-minute break, during which he inexplicably left his notes open, unattended, and in clear view of reporters. 

Naturally, pretty much everyone noticed.

And take photos they did:

While it appears that no photos of Zukcerberg’s unattended notes have hit the wires at the time of publishing, some photos taken at the hearing did reveal some of Zuckerberg’s notes.

Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The words “Cambridge Analytica” can clearly be seen at the top. 

Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mark, no! Hasn’t this scandal taught you anything about data privacy?

Is this a rude move on the part of the photojournalists snapping away? Perhaps, but maybe the knowledge of how your data fared in the Cambridge Analytica scandal will alter your opinion.

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