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Now, in Bangalore, you can buy fuel online and get home delivery from MyPetrolPump

Photo credit: MyPetrolPump.

India’s Silicon Valley Bangalore is usually the first to experiment with tech solutions to everyday problems. The latest is home delivery of fuel ordered online from MyPetrolPump. (Hat-tip to Malayalam media publication Mathrubhumi for spotting this first.)


The need for it may not be apparent until you get stuck in one of the long queues at gas stations in Bangalore. It may also be useful for schools and organizations with large vehicles.

MyPetrolPump is using what it calls “mini fuel refueler” vehicles to deliver the fuel to homes and business premises. It currently serves tech hubs like Koramangala and HSR Layout as well as some far-flung areas of Bangalore, like Bellandur, Bommanahalli, and BTM Layout.

The city also has a perennial shortage of electricity because infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with its tech boom. Many businesses as well as apartment and office complexes have to resort to diesel generators for electricity because of frequent power cuts. That’s another area where MyPetrolPump could come in.


Right now, MyPetrolPump takes orders only on its website, but a MyPP mobile app is in the works. It charges a flat delivery fee of INR 99 (US$1.5) for any quantity of fuel up to 100 liters. It’s a rupee per liter beyond that.

MyPetrolPump says it doesn’t store any fuel – it picks up the ordered fuel from a nearby gas station and delivers it to the customer.

Photo credit: MyPetrolPump.

Some people on social media are asking if MyPetrolPump is playing with fire. Regulators may look into the safety of home delivery for fuel.

But MYPetrolPump claims its refuellers are safer than the trucks and containers currently delivering liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to homes for gas stoves. “Diesel and petrol are not pressurized and are safer to transport, especially in these small quantities,” it says.

Bangaloreans have got used to seeing tankers delivering water to apartment blocks, because the public water supply is insufficient. But fuel tankers coming home may take some getting used to.

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