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No, this NFL player didn’t burn a U.S. flag in the locker room

Another day, another chapter in the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and NFL players who are taking the knee in protest against police brutality. 

You might have seen on Twitter or Facebook this picture that purportedly depicts an NFL player burning the U.S. flag in the locker room as his teammates enthusiastically look on:

Image: facebook/vetsfortrump

Besides the utter absurdity of the scene, it immediately pops to the eye that there’s something wrong with the hand holding the flag.

But that didn’t prevent many people from sharing it on Twitter: 

The picture was probably posted first on the conservative Facebook page “Vets for Trump”, where thousands of people expressed their disgust and called for a boycott:

Image: vetsfortrump/screengrab

However, a quick Google search clearly shows the image was photoshopped: 

The original one is from 2015 and shows defensive end Michael Bennett leading the team “in the now-traditional post-victory dance in the locker room”, according to the Seattle Seahawks official website

Even some pro-Trump people realised it was fake because, you know, sprinklers would be activated if something is burning in the lockroom:

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