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No, John Boyega didn’t tweet passive-aggressively about the ‘Star Wars’ director

John Boyega isn’t just about ‘Star Wars’, guys.

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If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday, you’ll probably have seen the latest Star Wars announcement: Colin Trevorrow, the director attached to Star Wars: Episode IX, is no longer a part of the picture.

According to a statement released on the official Star Wars website, Lucasfilm and the director have “mutually chosen to part ways”.

Obviously this news sparked a whole bunch of reactions online. People wondered why he’d left. There was speculation as to who might replace him.

Then, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, John Boyega tweeted this:

Now what do all those ambiguous emoji mean? Could it be a veiled, passive-aggressive reaction to the news?

Well, no. Apparently not.

Soon after the speculation began, Boyega was quick to shut it right back down.

As for how Boyega feels about Trevorrow’s departure, we’ll just have to keep guessing. 5a82 a985%2fthumb%2f00001

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