Nintendo uses copyright claims to take down Game & Watch hacking videos

While two videos have been taken down, this stacksmashing video on loading Doom onto the Game & Watch unit remains up.

Nintendo is using copyright strikes to take down YouTube videos that detail how to hack the recently released Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. color handheld.

A hacker going by the handle stacksmashing managed to hack the portable unit a day before its official November 13 release, thanks to an early retail delivery. But a YouTube video detailing that hacking method, originally posted on November 14, was taken down by a targeted copyright claim from Nintendo earlier this week. Another stacksmashing video, entitled “Bringing homebrew to the Nintendo Game & Watch,” has also been taken down by an apparent copyright claim.

Two other stacksmashing videos on Game & Watch hacking remain up as of press time: one detailing how to load a Doom port onto the unit, and one discussing how to dump the firmware. Neither of these extant videos features footage of Nintendo’s own games shown running on the Game & Watch; such footage is specifically blurred out in one of the videos, in fact.

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