New Videogame Bug Turns Spider-Man Into a Trash Can

A new bug in the PlayStation game Spider-Man: Miles Morales “turns Miles into various inanimate objects, including bricks, cardboard boxes, and even a trash can,” reports GameSpot:

Despite Miles’ changed appearance, he can still perform many of his heroic antics, including web-swinging and beating up bad guys. It’s an important lesson to all of us in these trying times: You might look like trash, but you can still do your job.

Today Engadget reports that the glitch even turns Spider-Man into a patio heater:

If you’ve ever wanted to keep people toasty warm while fighting crime, now’s your chance.

We’ve asked [the game’s creator] Insomniac Games for comment, although it already tweeted that the hiccup was “equally embarrassing as it is heart-warming.” Into the Spider-Verse’s Phil Lord joked that the heater would find its way into the sequel if the team had “any self respect at all.”


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