Neversong Review (PS4)

Neversong is a misleading videogame: at first, it looks like a kid-friendly fairy-tale platformer. At a closer look though you will discover that under the cartoonish graphics hides a dark horror story born from an extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign. Was the carte blanche received by Thomas Brush, the head of Pinstripe a good call or a mistake soon to be forgotten? Read on to find out.

Neversong tries to deal with quite mature issues, even if most of the characters are kids. The main character of the game is Pete, a young man who after waking up from a coma finds his best friend missing. Although this is his most immediate worry, Pete will soon notice that the whole world is upside down.

The absence of the adults caused by some kind of insanity left the kids in charge, who are free to bring to life their wildest phantasies. They will entrust you with different missions and a great deal of childish cynicism. You will have to navigate this nightmare turned int… (read more)

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