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Never feel guilty about leaving your pet friend home alone again

This machine literally makes fetch happen.

Image: ifetch

Are you the kind of dog owner who sometimes puts on a movie for your dog to watch while you go to work? Or who leaves the house every morning wracked with guilt over leaving your buddy home alone?

This might be just the device to ease your separation anxiety. The lets Fido play fetch all by himself—and for as long as he wants to. The machine launches tennis balls for your dog to chase, and as soon as he learns to drop them back into the open top, spits them out again. (And again. And again.) 

Invented by a Texas family with a hyperactive poodle named Prancer, the iFetch comes in two sizes — the full-size model launches standard tennis balls while the mini is perfect for smaller dogs.

Oh, and technically, you don’t have to be at work to use the iFetch. (It works just as well for homebodies who sometimes just get a little too lazy to keep chucking a ball back and forth.)

Check out the now, available for .

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