Neighbours back From Hell Review (PS4)

It is impossible to live in perfect harmony with your neighbours, this is a fact as old as our prehistoric ancestors sharing two adjacent caves. But, in modern times, humans living in close proximity learned that hell can be a place on Earth and can be unleashed by the lack of consideration of the other people living nearby. 17 years ago JoWood Entertainment thought this universal truth could be a good inspiration for a game that can be tremendous fun without fitting into any of the existing genres.

The result of the no longer active studio were two games that did not conquer the minds of the critics but certainly found some success among the gamers. Since then almost everybody forgot about Woody and his pain in the but neighbour, but THQ Nordic continuing the spree of remasters, released Neighbours Back From Hell. The updated version that brings under the same roof the two original iterations. Surprising is that no one asked for it, no one even thought that the ori… (read more)

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