Nearly 90,000 cases in a day: Pandemic skyrockets in third, highest peak yet

Enlarge / Some 250 Covid-19 isolation bays stand at the ready at the Austin Convention Center on August 07, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The cavernous facility was prepared for use as a field hospital for Covid-19 patients. (credit: Getty | John Moore)

The United States recorded nearly 90,000 new coronavirus cases Thursday, the largest single-day total yet in the pandemic.

The record-breaking day comes amid a steady and sharp climb in US cases. The country is experiencing the third and highest peak in cases, and it’s unclear how high the numbers will go. Today may well be another record-breaking day. The country’s seven-day rolling average of daily new cases is now over 76,000, another record in the pandemic.

With more than 88,400 cases Thursday, the US is expected to easily surpass 9 million cases total Friday. Deaths are likely to near 30,000.

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