NASA Launches New $23 Million Toilet to International Space Station

First, PetaPixel reminds us that Estee Lauder’s products will be launching into space this week:
The cosmetics giant Estee Lauder is paying NASA $128,000 for a product photography shoot onboard the International Space Station. Bloomberg reports that the company will be paying the space agency to fly 10 bottles of its Advanced Night Repair skin serum to the orbiting space station on a cargo run that will launch from Virginia on Tuesday and dock on Saturday. Once the product is on board, astronauts will be tasked with shooting product photos of the serum floating in the cupola module, which has sweeping panoramic views of Earth and space.

NASA charges a “professional fee” of $17,500 per hour for the astronauts’ time.
In a possibly-related story, the same flight will also be carrying a new $23 million space toilet to the station as part of a routine resupply mission “to test it out before it’s used on future missions to the moon or Mars.”

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