Multi-factor Authentication Used by 45% of Businesses Reports LastPass

According to a yearly report detailing the state of password security in over 43,000 companies which use LastPass as the password manager for their business, 45% of them also use a multi-factor authentication solution.

LastPass’ report introduces two security benchmark score dubbed as Password Strength Score and Security Score which factor in password complexity, strength, reuse, the number of breached sites its employees are registered on, the number of weak passwords, and more to see how strong a business’ passwords are and how well they are protected.

To do that LastPass used the LastPass Security Challenge, an inbuilt password auditing feature of their password manager, and it got the data it needed from over 43,000 organizations.

According to the report, the average Security Score for all businesses using LastPass is 52, a fair score according to La… (read more)

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