MS-DOS Booted from a Vinyl Record Is Old-School Coolness

If you’re nostalgic about MS-DOS, how about finding that old-school floppy disk and giving it a try right now? After all, it’s not like we’re too busy these days given the madness that took over the world.

But Slovak engineer Jozef Bogin has decided to push things a step further. So what he did was indeed boot MS-DOS, but instead of using a traditional floppy disk, he actually launched the whole thing from a vinyl record.

The whole experience is detailed in the video at the end of the article, though we must warn you that keeping the volume to a lower level is definitely recommended, despite some effects in there actually sounding rather familiar.

As you can see, MS-DOS isn’t booted on a new-generation computer such as a Microsoft Surface or something that costs a small fortune but using an original IBM 5150.


The audio loading process is actually surprisingly fast, and while MS-DOS came in a rather lightweight package… (read more)

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