Microsoft Surface Andromeda Might Auto Adjust Volume with Facial Recognition

Surface Andromeda is one of the most anticipated products ever developed by Microsoft, and while there’s still no confirmation it would ever get the go-ahead, the reports making the rounds occasionally indicate that the Redmond-based giant wants to make it truly innovative.

A recently-discovered patent provides an early look at such an innovation. Microsoft is exploring a way to automatically adjust the volume on Andromeda using nothing else than the facial recognition system.

At first glance, such an approach makes sense. Andromeda is supposed to be a dual-screen device, so users would be able to run apps independently on each of the displays.

With the facial recognition feature, Andromeda would basically be capable of determining which screen you’re looking at and then adjust the volume accordingly. This makes it possible to implement a series of other fe… (read more)

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