Microsoft Launches Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft has recently announced that its new version of Windows 10, which is officially called October 2018 Update, is available for manual download from Windows Update.

The news is surprising, to say the least, as this time the company has skipped the Release Preview ring of the Windows Insider program and rolled out the new OS version to production devices directly.

Typically, new OS feature updates are first shipped to all rings of the Windows Insider program (Fast, Slow, Release Preview) and once the internal testing is complete, to all users worldwide.

However, this time Microsoft goes straight to public availability of the October 2018 Update, suggesting that the release is smooth and no further testing was necessary.

Manual downloads available

Just like in the past feature updates, Microsoft is rolling out the October 2018 Update in stages, so not everyone will be served with the new bits in Windows Upda… (read more)

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