Microsoft Fixes Explorer Crashes in Latest Windows 10 19H1 Build

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 19H1 build 18309 earlier today, and while the bigger improvements were mostly focused on making certain features available in all SKUs, there are smaller refinements here and there that many users may found helpful.

One of them concerns an explorer.exe crash that was previously reported in Windows 10 build 18305 and which occurred all of a sudden on specific configurations.

No clear pattern was established, but according to Microsoft itself, the same bug was believed to be causing Start menu problems too, including a full reset of the customizations that users did after installing the previous 19H1 build.

“If you were seeing random yet frequent explorer.exe crashes with Build 18305, we made a server-side change to resolve this over the break. Please let us know if you’re continuing to experience crashes an we’ll inve… (read more)

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