Microsoft Edge Is the Browser Every Windows 10 User Needs

The transition to the Chromium engine has completely transformed Microsoft’s browser, and one of the best things it happened to the application is the cross-platform debut.

Thanks to Chromium, Microsoft Edge is no longer exclusive to Windows 10 but is also available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, and even Linux. And with mobile versions already live, Microsoft Edge is now available on almost every platform out there.

Without a doubt, this is huge news for Microsoft, but the more important thing for both the software giant and its users is the actual experience that the browser is able to provide.

And after using Microsoft Edge for nearly one year, I can finally confirm this is the browser Windows 10 really needed.

In many ways, Edge is Microsoft’s very own version of Google Chrome, all with a personal touch that allows the app to better fit the needs of Microsoft users. So if you’re committed to Microsoft services in the long term, you can very well… (read more)

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