Microsoft Adding a Touch of Color to the Windows 10 19H1 Desktop

Microsoft is making subtle changes to the Windows 10 desktop in the upcoming version 1903 update, and users enrolled in the Windows Insider program can already get a taste of how everything looks.

The most recent Windows 10 preview build – 18323 – comes with colored jump lists, basically rounding up Microsoft’s implementation of colored themes across the operating system.

As you can see in this screenshot posted on Twitter by Microsoft engineer Jen Gentleman (via HTNovo), the jump lists now follow the accent color settings of the operating system.

The jump lists are menus that show up when right-clicking a taskbar icon, and until now, they’ve been using a dark gray theme in both the dark and the light visual styles on Windows 10.

Only working with the dark theme for now

However, with th… (read more)

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