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Meet your secret weapon for maximizing productivity and creativity (Paid content by Samsung AU)

Creative professionals know that the ability to multitask is invaluable. In fact, streamlining productivity has tangible rewards for creatives: The faster and more efficiently you’re able to knock out items on your to-do list of tedious tasks, the more time you’re able to dedicate to ideating, designing, drafting — creating in general.

Whether you’re a creative director at an established company, a famous Instagram tattoo artist, a hobbyist-turned-professional, a burgeoning blogger, or simply a dreamer trying to turn your craft into a paycheck, having the right technology by your side is key for hitting the productivity sweet spot.

The Samsung Galaxy Book is the ideal companion for any creatively inclined professional. Below are just a few ways it can help you thrive in your career.  

Take ideas from concept to concrete reality 

There are few things more satisfying to a creative than the exquisite moment when an idea — something that was once just an ambiguous notion floating around in the ether of your imagination — comes to life as something tangible and concrete.

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a tool that assists with every step of this process: It enables you to jot down your initial concepts, sketch out story board panels, edit images and videos, and seamlessly publish work online. With support for a vast array of professional apps, tools, and software, the Galaxy Book makes prioritisation a cinch, too — even for self-described scatter-brains.   

The Galaxy Book has the perfect blend of power and finesse to bring even the most ambitious of project concepts to life. The S Pen, in particular, is a handy device. It employs the most sophisticated angle sensitivity and pressure responsiveness of any digital pen on the market, and allows for a full range of brush options and line thicknesses so you can write or sketch in whatever style fits your fancy.

With an ultra-precise 0.7 mm tip — similar to a 2B Staedtler pencil — you can get as detailed or as big-picture as your process requires, whether you’re editing an image in Photoshop or creating a detailed design from scratch using Illustrator. With 4,096 unique pressure sensors, the S Pen provides pin-point accuracy for any artistic project you want to tackle. And unlike your creative reserves, the S Pen will never experience writer’s block or burn-out, since (just like a real pen) it never needs to be charged.  

Craft flawless pitch presentations

As a creative professional, you know that display — from the millimeters of matting around a photograph to the precise dimensions of a web site’s background border — matters. Display is particularly important when trying to communicate your concept to the powers that be, whether that’s a boss, a student, a client, or a collaborator.

The Samsung Galaxy Book’s high-res display is the optimal way to view your masterpieces the way they’re meant to be seen — in vivid colours and exceptional detail. The 12″ Galaxy Book even comes equipped with Super AMOLED display, so you can ensure that not a single pixel is out of place when putting together a pitch deck or a presentation for prospective clients. And the best part: The whole process takes a fraction of the time it used to take you to create something wow-worthy.

Make edits more easily than ever before

Brainstorming, editing, and re-working a concept is drudgery with which every creative professional is well acquainted. And while marking up documents, taking notes, and line-editing aren’t typically the most riveting part of your day to day, the Galaxy Book and the S Pen make this process easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

You can draw directly on a document or transcribe notes, navigate through pages of edits, or easily make adjustments in Adobe Creative Suite apps like Photoshop and Illustrator  — all with the swipe of a finger or a stroke of the S Pen. Communicate with your editor faster and more seamlessly with the Galaxy Book’s Cat.6 LTE connectivity, which makes the device capable of download speeds of up to 300Mbps — so those video conference feedback sessions will go off without a hitch (at least, from a technical perspective).

The Galaxy Book is also a useful tool for the less-creative parts of the pitch process, such as organizing various iterations of a project, tracking progress on revisions, and invoicing and accounting.

Technology that goes where you go

Creatively focused professionals are constantly on the go — rushing to client meetings, setting up shop at a coworking space, or jetting away on impromptu business trips — and they know better than most that portability and versatility is key, especially when it comes to technology.

The Galaxy Book, as a two-in-one device, is especially adaptable to any type of work environment. It’s a robust laptop — complete with Intel’s impressive seventh-generation processor — for your at-home office, and it’s simultaneously a powerful tablet with up to 11 full hours of battery life on just one full charge. When battery does run out, it’s easy to re-up with Adaptive Fast Charge; you’ll be at 100% in less than three hours. This means you get to spend more time on your creative endeavors, and less time searching for a seat at the coffee shop close to a power outlet.

Or, if creative inspiration strikes at random, begin a project on your compatible Samsung smartphone and continue it later, without interruption, from your Galaxy Book. It’s also simple to forward calls, receive and respond to messages, and transfer files between your Samsung devices — so you’ve got multiple tools in your creative arsenal, all working to help you reach peak performance.

Whatever your creative process, the Samsung Galaxy Book can help you streamline it — and with more time on your hands, there’s no limit to what those hands can create.  

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