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Meet these 5 global investors at TIA Tokyo 2018’s Speed Dating

In less than three months, Japan will play host to Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018, happening on September 20 and 21.

With the abundance of interesting startups to meet and insightful sessions by industry experts to catch, squeezing in meetings with a potential investor can be difficult. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be – with the conference’s signature Startup-Investor Speed Dating segment, 50 willing investors will be gathered to seek potential partnerships with startups.

Below are five and many more brilliant investors you’ll be able to meet!

1) Rebright Partners

Takeshi Ebihara of Rebright Partners.

Takeshi Ebihara of Rebright Partners. Photo credit: SunBridge Global Ventures.

Headed by 20-year venture capitalist veteran Takeshi Ebihara, Rebright Partners hunts for the best early-stage startups operating in Asia. With Ebihara’s expertise, the firm finds support among Japan’s prolific IT industry and angel investors around the world.

With their wealth of experience in the IT industry, Rebright Partners creates a solid foundation for IT startups in the major Asian markets of Singapore, Tokyo, and India. Their wide-reaching portfolio includes Flixy Games, Inshorts, and

Preferred investment size: US$50k – US$1 million
Countries of interest: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
Verticals of interest: Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Tech, Investments

2) DG Incubation

Throughout the entire entrepreneurial life cycle, DG Incubation dedicates itself to the total support over a startup’s growth. From bootstrapping to the seed stage, the firm’s Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program helps startups solve problems with their product and internal growth.

Despite operating heavily in the US and in Japan, DG Incubation’s early- to late-stage investment support has expanded its reach towards Southeast Asia and India. Further, the firm’s program supports startups even after seeding by helping them reach globalization in other countries. Their portfolio includes firms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Preferred investment size: US$200k – US$1 million
Countries of interest: Global
Verticals of interest: Cloud Computing, Food Tech, Hardware, Social Networking & Communication, Software as a Service

3) Rakuten Ventures

Japanese VC panel at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017

Rakuten investment manager Hogil Doh (L) and YJ Capital CEO Shinichiro Hori. Photo credit: Tech in Asia.

Under the ubiquitous Rakuten Group, Rakuten Ventures draws from its wealth of global resources to accelerate its startups beyond local markets.

Particularly, the Rakuten Ventures arm specializes in finding early to growth stage startups with the most potential to disrupt today’s highly competitive digital economy. Startups supported by Rakuten Ventures will enjoy access to the Rakuten Group’s network across Asia, Europe, and the US. Their portfolio includes the C2C selling platform Carousell and ride-sharing app Go-Jek.

Preferred investment size: US$50k – US$10 million
Countries of interest: China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, U.S.A
Verticals of interest: Any startup that shows good potential

4) Yahoo! Japan Capital

Powered by Yahoo! Japan, YJ Capital powers its portfolio with its parent corporation’s intense focus on online presence and market support. Along with their troop of successful entrepreneurs, YJ Capital hopes to build global-minded startups from the ground up. Part of their program includes an accelerator program called Code Republic.

Their wide variety of resources enable YJ Capital to have an inclusionary investment policy. The firm boasts support for startups of “all stages [and] all sectors [across] Asia, US, Israel.” Their portfolio includes Palette Cloud, GameWith, and FreakOut.

Preferred investment size: US$200k – US$5 million
Countries of interest: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Verticals of interest: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech Payments, Digital Media, VR AR, any startup that shows good potential​

5) SBI Investment

Operating since the 1990s, SBI Investment has gathered more than two decades worth of experience in the IT industry. Throughout their existence, the firm has learned from the multitudes of trends that have twisted and turned the industry.

With that experience, SBI Investment hopes to find potential startups in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Additionally, the firm’s experience and expertise include specializations in biotechnology and energy production. Already, the firm’s successful IPOs number include Writeup and Crossfor.

Preferred investment size: US$1 million – US$5 million
Countries of interest: Global
Verticals of interest: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fintech Payments, Investments, Blockchain

But wait, there’s more!

Of course, five is barely a number to write home about. Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 will gather over 2,000 startups, investors, tech enthusiasts, and like-minded individuals from all over the world. Moreover, over 50 investors will participate in Speed Dating. Don’t miss your chance to be paired with the world’s most prolific investment firms!

If you don’t have one yet, be sure to grab a ticket as soon as you can. If you purchase a conference ticket before July 15, you can chop 20 percent off your ticket price by using the discount code tiatokyo20.

Get tickets now

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