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Meet Cuthbert, the goose that laid the golden TikTok

Cuthbert is very proud, he tells me. “He knows he’s a boss.” This suddenly-famous goose knows he’s popular, too. The moment two of the volunteers, Fi and Trudy, arrive on the farm, he heads straight over to them for cuddles. “He’s not nice to everybody, trust me, there’s a few people he doesn’t like, mainly because of their behaviour towards him. If you upset Cuthbert, he does not forget,” warns Franklin.

Those in the #TeamKen camp will likely be unsurprised by the news that he’s something of a farmyard lothario. “Ken, he’s a typical rooster. He’s lined up all the ladies and is trying to show off, trying to crow louder than the rest, even though Blondie is trying to compete with him,” says Franklin. “He’s the top rooster. He just likes to show off to everybody, one of the things.”

“What roosters do, they try to find a little treats for the ladies, and they call them over. He’s trying to impress them, it’s like he’s taking them out for a meal at night,” Franklin tells me.

I ask Franklin if Ken is trying to take his lady friends on a date. “His intentions are not always honourable,” he says. Goodness me. 

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