Mars Horizon Review (PS4)

Nerds, geeks, and pseudo scientists rejoice! Mars Horizon is finally here allowing you to control the entire space program of Nasa. You will develop technologies, build space ships and rockets, and survey the cold and unforgiving space. In theory, it all sounds good but can it be translated into a management game with puzzle elements? Read on to find out.

Unfortunately, lately, we did not see many games to be inspired by our constant aspiration to reach the stars. Of course, there is Kerbal Space Program, but its humorous setting and child-friendly approach make it hard to digest for some. Mars Horizon comes to the rescue proposing that you take control of every aspect that pertains to the management of one of the major space agencies. Next to the all-star NASA, you can choose from ESA, the Russian, the Chinese, or the Japanese space program. Each comes with its own perks and bonuses, making it suitable for different approaches. If you are not satisfied with any of … (read more)

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