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Man sent to hospital after being injured by large penis

Man sent to hospital after being injured by large penis

“All large penis injuries head to floor 3”

Image: Getty Images/Blend Images

Over the past few weeks, the LGBTQ community has inducted a couple of new icons and faces into the Gay Hall of Fame. But for every vogueing Hermione, there comes someone who really pushes their queerness to its absolute limits.  

Take Fredy Alanis, a 19-year-old gay man from Chicago doing what many in the LGBTQ community consider to be a great service for his people. Alanis went viral this week after posting a photo he took of himself in the hospital back in January. 

Why was he there? He ruptured his airway while giving a blowjob to a guy with a “hulk sized dick.”

In an interview with Them, Alanis explained that the owner of this very large dick was an old neighbor he met up via the app Grindr. Although he felt soreness in his chest after the session, he didn’t go to the hospital until the next morning when the pain was unbearable. 

From a hospital bed, Alanis commemorated what some would argue was a near-death experience with a selfie. After posting it on his Twitter several months later, he was heralded as a “legend” and “hero” by many members of the LGBTQ community.

Others were impressed and wanted lessons from Alanis on how to achieve such a legendary feat.

The post and the candid interview Alanis did with Them had apparently crashed the news site. Everyone was “gagged” to say the least.

While Alanis is more than happy to join in on the fun, he’s still a little worried about what his parents may think. He is out to them, but he’s unsure of how they’ll react when they find out why their son broke the internet.

Just take a deep breath buddy.

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