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Man catches rare translucent lobster, throws it back into the sea because it was such a pretty lady

Translucent lobsters might look cool, but face it: they just don’t make good lobster rolls.

Alex Todd of Chebeague Island, Maine, recently caught this very rare creature while on a fishing trip. Translucent lobsters are incredibly challenging to find: chances of nabbing one are quite literally one in a million.

“I’ve never seen a white one. This one was translucent with just a hint of blue in it,” Todd told ABC News.

According to the Maine Cost Fisherman’s Association, the lobster probably suffers from a genetic condition known as leucism. Unlike an albino lobster, this lobster only suffers a partial loss of pigment. 

Even though this fisherman made a lucky catch, he smartly threw the lobster back into the ocean — both because it was a rarity and because it was a female bearing eggs.

“Even if it had been male, it’s an oddity enough that, why cook it for a $4 lobster?” Todd asked.

Also incredibly rare: $4 lobsters. Where is he finding those? And why is he not shipping them to New York for my dinner tonight?

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