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Local authorities need data system refresh within 18 months

Phoenix Software today reveals that local authorities are unable to store and analyse data effectively. Independent research it commissioned alongside VMware among local authority IT leaders shows the majority believe their current data analysis capabilities (75 percent) and data storage capabilities (72 percent) will need a refresh within the next 18 months and this refresh could greatly enhance their productivity internally and help them deliver highly effective citizen-focused solutions.

IT departments within local authorities are under pressure to control data, reduce costs and transform applications for both staff and citizens. The study reveals a change in data management approach is needed. Over half (51 percent) believe they don’t currently have the correct strategy in place for managing citizen data, while nearly a third (28 percent) do not think they are completely ready for impending compliance regulations.

This is having an impact on their ability to successfully deliver information and services. The respondents believe that mobility initiatives are often being restricted by efforts to control data (40 percent) and a lack of support for the applications staff need (38 percent). An overwhelming 87 percent of respondents thought their organisation could benefit from taking steps to support access to applications remotely or in the field.

Keith Martin, Director of Public Sector at Phoenix Software, said: “Transforming IT is one of the most complex challenges the public sector faces and managing data is one of the toughest elements of that challenge. Local Authorities are sometimes faced with sprawling, siloed environments that can’t communicate, integrate or interact; the good news is that there is an understanding that change is required and this change will be key as Authorities look to use technology to meet the needs of their citizens.”

“Meeting compliance regulation and data sovereignty requirements means organisations need to understand what data they have, get rid of what they don’t need, while having the capabilities to analyse and effectively use what remains. That’s a big undertaking for any public sector IT team to handle on their own. Luckily there are experts out there who support on these projects every day and, when turned to for guidance, can help them through each step of the transition.”

Tim Hearn, Director, UK Government and Public Services, VMware, said: “From planning and managing recycling initiatives to social worker visits for citizen engagement, effective use of data will be key to the success of citizen experiences. With so much of today’s digital innovation delivered and consumed in applications, local governments need to embrace a cloud strategy that works best for them today, and future-proof investments in technology so they can meet the demands faced in years to come as well.”


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