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Lisa Frank and Reebok have just created the the ’90s sneaker of your dreams

If you’ve been feeling like something is missing with your sneakers—something like neon flowers, animals and rainbows—you’re in luck. 

Two pairs of the Reebok Classic Leather shoes have been totally revamped with a ’90s Lisa Frank aesthetic, thanks to a new collaboration between the two companies. Finally, some footwear to match those Lisa Frank pajamas

Only here’s the catch: they aren’t necessarily available in stores or online. 

You need to tweet your answer to the question “what’s your favorite trend from your back to school days?” at @ReebokClassics or @LisaFrank to be eligible to win the kicks — and only two pairs are being given away. 

“Rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style,” Frank told Reebok, and well, no lies detected there. You can learn more information about the limited edition shoes here

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