Lexmark CX725 MFP Firmware CXTAT.073.023/CB.073.E027

Firmware upgrade warning:- It may take up to 20 minutes to update devices to FW7 code if the code level currently on the device is FW2 or FW3 based- This is a one-time issue transitioning the device from FW2 or FW3 to FW7- To know if the device is currently running FW2 or FW3 based code, check the firmware version on the device. FW2 and FW3 based code will have the following version format: ATL.03x.yyy or ATL.02x.yyy, CB.03x.yyy or CB.02x.yyy, PP.03x.yyy or PP.02x.yyy, YK.03x.yyy or YK.02x.yyy…

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